Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top 13 words to avoid on a US resume

....or "top 13 reasons why a US-based hiring Manager will instantly chuck your resume in the circular file"....

No doubt there's a lot of guidance and advice out there, but here's the top 13 in my book, that immediately annoy and grate on me when I see them....

1. "Kindly" - don't EVER use this word!

2. "Excellent or Good" - in whose opinion?

3. "It’s" instead of "its" - this just disrespects all English teachers

4. Use of 1st person (I, me, we) - I'm interested FIRST in what you did, not who you are

5. "Ensure" vs. "insure" - very common mistake, can actually cause contract issues

6. Use of “s” instead of “z” (i.e. UK spellings, as in "personalisation") - this just looks weird and doesn't respect the local business environment.

7. "Know" or "knowledgeable" - who's to say? where's the evidence of your "knowledge"?

8. "Ambitious" or "Aggressive" - well, you better be - show me, don't tell me.

9. Don’t use “have” or “possess”….simply list current things, and use action verbs

10. Programme - same as #6

11. CV (vs. resume) - Americans don't use CVs, or even know what one is

12. University Names: If the University is in India – make sure there’s a weblink to check up on it.

13. “There” instead of “their” - immediate trash.



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