Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Having Very Excellent Skills, for the 20th Century

Here's a resume that's (1) somewhat stuck in a 5-yr old time warp from a technology perspective, but perhaps not from a patterns and methods perspective, and (2) just abysmal in capitalization, grammar, sentence patterns....typical of ESL with no review. Just 10 minutes of repair would improve this resume 100%! I've included only the top technical reference section, to look at:

Having good Skills
Professional Summary

• 5+ years in requirement analysis, design, OO programming, development, testing and implementation of Internet/Intranet/E-Commerce, Stand-alone, Client/Server and MVC architecture applications
• 2 years of experience using Web logic Application Servers.
• 3 years of experience using Tomcat webserver.
• 3 years of experience with Jakarta Struts Framework, MVC and J2EE Framework.
• Experienced in process, validate, parse, and extract data from XML files using DOM and SAX parsers.
• Having good Server Side experience using EJB, JSP, RMI, Struts.
• Hands-on experience with J2EE Architecture, Application servers and Web servers and a wide variety of development tools ( Web logic 8.1/7.1, Tomcat 4.0/5.0)
• Having experience with Eclipse, Exadel, and Editplus for Java.
• Experience in implementing J2EE Design Patterns.
• Good experience in implementing different Patterns like Session façade, DAO, Factory, Front view Controller and MVC Struts Framework
• Having good experience SQL Statements for implementation of Projects.
• Excellent database experience using SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, MS-Access.
• Having Experience in using the CVS (source control)
• Good team player with excellent communication, technical, multi tasking and interpersonal skills.
• Quick adaptability and systematic approach towards work are my assets.
• Ability of analyzing and decomposing a given problem quickly, fast learning and Mixed-Language Programming.

Qualification: XXXXX

Technical Skills

Languages Java2.0, C, C++
RDBMS Oracle 8 / 8i / 7.8 and My SQL.
Distributed Applications EJB 1.1/2.0, RMI and CORBA
Web Servers Java Web Server, Apache Tomcat4.0/5.0, IIS4.0.
Application Servers Web logic 7.0/8.0
Application Development Tools Eclipse, exadel, editplus, SQL Plus, MS-office 98/2000,Jdeveloper 10.1.3
Web Technologies Servlets, Jsp, RMI, CORBA, EJB, Struts, HTML, XML, DTD, SAX, DOM, XSLT.
Scripting Languages Java Script.
Database Oracle, SQL, PL\SQL.
Operating Systems Ms-Dos, Windows-95/98, Windows NT 4.0, UNIX

And Here's my initial comments/reaction:
 “Having” – what sort of word/grammar is that?
 What’s the difference between “having”, “good” and “excellent” experience – I’m only really interested in the “excellent”
 A “wide variety of development tools” – then no actual development tools listed
 Java 2.0? Perhaps he meant 1.2, plus what about 1.3-1.5?
 What’s the difference between the “RDBMS” and “Database” rows?
 Isn’t PL/SQL a scripting language?
 “Web Technologies” – are RMI/CORBA technologies really “web”?
 What exactly is “Java Web Server”, does he mean Sun One?
 Lots of misspellings, capitalization errors, etc.
 Seems to be stuck back in 1999, with Oracle 8, Java 2, MS-office 2000 (a development tool?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really depends on what job is being applied for, whether the resume's technologies are current/acceptable or not...though you can't be sloppy about it.

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